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Who Else Wants To Know How To Promote Your Business On Facebook?

What if there was a way to increase your sales with free exposure to your business. Any business can ride on the popularity of Facebook to promote themselves to a huge captive and mostly friendly audience. And what is even more exciting here is the fact that you do not require special skills to be able to cash in big time on Facebook. This is also great if you wanted to attract traffic from search engines. In the past, you would need plenty of unique skills apart from being an expert search engine optimizer and generator of content to ever hope to succeed in attracting traffic from leading search engines. Well today, social media has become one of the big search engines for people searching for services and local businesses. Let me explain how simple it is for you to get started capitalizing on this free traffic.

The first thing you need to do if you want to promote yourself successfully on Facebook is to establish a presence. There are various ways of doing this but the most effective is to create a fan page. One of the advantages of a fan page is that you can have an unlimited number of people like your page. When somebody likes your page they will be able to see regular updates and new information that you post to your fan page. Fan pages work best when you have a call to action to Like your page before the viewer can access the rest of your content. There are many video tutorials online to show you how to easily do this.

If you were to take the other route and open a Facebook account rather than have a fan page for your business (like many entrepreneurs have done) you would be limited in that you cannot have more than 5,000 friends. You will not be able to go beyond this limit and so the prospects you can target are limited.

Therefore, you should open a Facebook account then create a page for your business. When you reach your first 25 likes, you will then be able to create a username for your business. This is crucial when you are developing your brand for SEO. Your address will then be easy to remember and find. This will help your page grow. When somebody likes your fan page, all his or her friends as well as friends of theirs will be able to see the action. This exposes your business to a huge audience.

You will need to be careful about how you interact with your prospects on Facebook. Direct aggressive advertising will be shunned and will not be effective for you at all. Instead what you should do is focus on problems facing your audience that can be solved with the help of your product or service. Talk about other solutions other than your product and position yourself as an expert of sorts in that area and not just somebody out to sell and make a quick buck from your product or service.

I don’t suggest you have ordering information on your Facebook fan page. Instead provide a link to your website for folks who are ready to buy from you. In Facebook, it is possible to make comments as a fan page. Make full use of this feature to increase the visibility of your business on this popular social networking site.

If you have a blog that you usually use to promote your business there is a way you can link the comments section to Facebook. This has a tremendous impact because any comment that is made on your blog by your readers will appear in Facebook which dramatically increases traffic to your blog.

Facebook is a very powerful marketing tool that no serious entrepreneur can afford to ignore. It is definitely well worth the effort to learn everything you can about how best to promote and advertise your business using this popular social site.

What Makes One Business More Successful Than Another?

This week, I saw three business owners. Two just wanted to see me because they needed new ideas on what to do next. One hired me on the spot.

What are the differences between these three businesses?

Business Owner One has a business that he claims is successful. The business is making a lot of sales, but none from the website. He has a website he built himself from a template. His website graded 8/100 for Search Engine Optimisation. He has been in business for five years. He has a list of existing clients, but hasn’t got a list of prospects. He hasn’t got any system in place for getting new prospects.

Business Owner Two has been in business for 3 years, she is making a lot of sales she says, but get none from the website. She has a beautiful website that she paid an arm and a leg for. Her website scored 18/100 for Search Engine Optimisation. She has a small list of existing clients, but no new prospects. She has a flyer that she gives to prospective clients, who mainly comes from “Word of Mouth.” She has no system in place to get more prospects through word of mouth or any other way.

Business Owner Three has been in business for 6 years. He hasn’t got a “recession proof” business, but his business has survived the recession despite many of his competitors closing their doors as a result of it. He gets most of his sales through newspaper advertising, but lately the leads he gets from there have been drying up. He is looking for a way to get more leads. He hasn’t got a website. He has a large list of existing clients, and a sizable list of prospects. He has been quoted a price for a website, but after discovering my website, wanted to know what I could do for him.

All three were enquiries from my website and asked for more information on an Online Lead Generation System.

Which business owner do you think hired me on the spot?

If you said: Business Owner Three, you’d be correct.

Why Business Owner Three, and not the other two?

The difference between him and the other two was that he was already successful, and despite the claim of the other two that they were successful, they clearly weren’t, as both said they “didn’t have money” when it came to committing to my service. Through questions I asked them, I discovered that they knew they needed to do something, but they weren’t sure what. Getting me to come to them was an act of desperation, and a way to try and get what I offer for free because both wanted “more information” after I saw them without a commitment.

So, what is the bottom line? What value did Business Owner Three see in having an Online Lead Generation System that the others didn’t, and why did he hire me on the spot after learning what I can do for him without asking questions and wanting “more information” on the how of the system?

One word: Marketing

Business Owner Three knows that marketing is the only way to get clients coming through the door and purchasing his product. He knows that if he doesn’t spend money on marketing, his business will not survive. No matter how good your product or service and the referrals you get from “Word of Mouth” if you don’t spend money on marketing, your business is going to die. As simple as that.

So what do you do about your marketing? Do you skimp and save? Or do you invest in your business? Do you spend time and money on learning how to market, or do you just spend time selling your product or giving your service?

Take note of your answers, they will determine if your business will be around in two years’ time.